Lineal, Stagger Joint Tile

Written by batsupwp. Posted in Ceramic Tile

Have you been searching for the latest in lineal, staggered joint tile to feature in your kitchen or around your fireplace?


Valley Stone 2 x 4 brick-joint mosaic on the fireplace.

Valtellina Backsplash Design Idea

Check out the new Daltile® Valtellina and Esta Villa series.  Here is a sample of the profiles and colors available.


Esta Villa (EV98) Terrace Beige

Esta Villa (EV99) Cottage Brown

Valtellina (VA07) Province Cream

Valtellina (VA08) Valley Stone

Valtellina (VA09) Alpine Pass

These new tiles will be available soon from our warehouse.  Contact your account manager to be sure we stock the colors and profiles that meet your design needs!



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