Advanced Air Flow with AccuVent®

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Accuvent AnimationAccuVent® Roof Ventilation

The most versatile of the AccuVent® products, this system was designed to effectively enclose the attic space while still allowing ample air circulation.

Features and Benefits

  • Installs quickly and easily with just a few staples.
  • Prevents insulation drifting.
  • Made of 100% recycled, flame-retardant PVC.
  • Meets ENERGY STAR Thermal Bypass inspection checklist.
  • Prevents ice-damming and growth of mold and mildew.
  • Accommodates glass, cellulose, and spray foam insulation.
  • Reduces insulation labor.

Creates a boundary for insulation allowing for fullest top-plate coverage. AccuVent® meets current code requirements for a wind-wash barrier installed at the top-plate and is made from durable recycled PVC plastic for long life.

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Practical, Energy Efficient Vent Covers Now In Stock

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Help homeowners know and control which way the wind blows with our newest utility vents. Durable, water resistant and easy to install, these vents are a perfect match for any “finishing touch” project.

  • Easy To Install: Fit easily with vinyl, insulated and fiber cement siding
  • Colorfully Durable: Our color-through process makes long-time good looks the new standard
  • Maintenance Free: Fading, peeling or chipping is not an option with this design


    450WH Exhaust Vent


    d-Vent / Exhaust Vent

    • Low-profile exhaust vent• Unique paddle wheel design prevents birds and rodents from entering vent while air is being exhausted
    • Built-in grids to keep birds and rodents out• Inner flap is recessed into base when dryer is turned off, further preventing bird and rodent entry
    • Cover snaps on and off easily for quick installation and maintenance• Cover snaps on and off easily for quick installation and lint removal

Air Vent Attic Ventilation Calculator

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Use these handy new tools from Air Vent to make Attic Ventilation calculations a BREEZE!

FREE Download for Your Smartphone
From your Smartphone you can navigate to the Air Vent calculator download page to access the calculator. The feature is compatible with most mobile browsers. Check it out!

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