Vein Cut Tile from Elements of Nature Flooring

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Add a new dimension to your home design with 9″ x 18″ Vein Cut Tile from
Elements of Nature Flooring

VC-313-9 Sandstone


VC-312-9  Warm Taupe

Warm Taupe

C-311-9  Smokey Travertine

Smokey Travertine

Our new Vein Cut Tile line is constructed from the same durable 100% pure virgin PVC as the 18″x 18″ Elements of Nature products that you already love.  Easy to install and maintain, this flooring is produced under the highest quality control standards and will provide your customers with many years of enjoyment.

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New Items that will Floor You!

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Our popular Elements of Nature Flooring is available in 2 new colors.

The Spanish Slate Collection includes PT-241 Terra Cotta Slate and PT-242 Verde Slate.

PT-241 Terra Cotta Slate

PT 242 Verde Slate

Add these elegant European colors to your designer pallet. Competitively priced to match our other Elements of Flooring offerings.

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Beautiful Floors Are Just A Click Away

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 Mohawk Laminate Flooring


Barrington – Barnwood Oak

With the perfect Made in the USA laminate flooring from Mohawk, you can create the atmosphere that your customers desire in each room of their new home.

  • Type: If you want the feel of authentic hardwood with its clean lines or rustic appeal try the hardwood looks.  If you love the way that ceramic tile gives your room an earthy or elegant feel, try the ceramic or stone looks.
  • Finish: Create a customized look with your finish choice.  Traditional finishes give your room a soft, simple elegance.  A textured finish lends a more rustic, time-worn appeal.  For a contemporary styling, try an oiled or high gloss look.
  • Color: Lighter colors make a small room feel more spacious, while darker colors tend to make a large room fell more intimate.
  • Width: The width of a product can set the tone for a room by expanding the size of the room with a narrow plank or making it feel more intimate with a wide one.

Mohawk’s Uniclic laminates are backed by a lifetime locking system warranty.  Once the planks are clicked into place, they don’t move.  The tight locking joints and moisture resistant underlayer even help to prevent warping and water damage that is common with other brands.  Uniclic has no glue, no fumes, no mess, no drying time – and no worries.  Durable and beautiful, Mohawk’s Uniclic laminates are made to fit your life and satisfy your flooring needs.

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It’s “Element”ary, My Dear!

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Sure you already know that Elements of Nature flooring adds durability and style to your homes, but do you know about the fabulous decorating options available to you when you use this flooring?

You can mix and match the tiles to create patterns that are sure to “WOW” your customers.

Using PT 211 and PT-233 you can create this checkerboard pattern and add “pizzazz” to your kitchens

Combine PT-213 and PT-233 to create this luxurious look

PT-212 and PT-241 used together create an elegant entry


For more information on how you can use Elements of Nature flooring to “dramatize” your new homes, contact your account manager.

Elements of Nature Flooring

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Simplicity and beauty – all in the same package.

Our Elements of Nature flooring line allows you to add the beauty of stone or tile flooring to your homes at a fraction of the cost.  These 16” x 16” tiles are packaged in cartons of 20 and when installed using our M-5 adhesive, this durable flooring holds up with style to the tough traffic areas in your homes.  For information regarding available colors and pricing, please contact your account manager.

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